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Why Pick Stablegold Hospitality for property acquisition?

Let our years of experience help you get the best deal on your Home! We will go through an analysis of your cash flow and possible future equity appreciation with you, we will handle the negotiating of pricing on deals and get you the best price for your property, deal with all the lawyers and back and forth that so many real estate investors struggle with and just plain do not have the time for!

  • Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Finding A Home
    • Ensuring Title check
    • Ensuring no liens or taxes owed
    • Connecting with or setting up inspections
    • Renovation Quotes
    • Price Negotiations
    • Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Acquisition Services Pricing: $1000 one time flat fee.

Real Estate Acquisitions

Stablegold Hospitality is a strategic buyer seeking compelling investment opportunities.

Whether we purchase property for value-add/remarketing or participate in a sale/leaseback transaction, Stablegold Hospitality has the expertise and capital resources needed to acquire properties of virtually any magnitude.

Acquisition services may be of interest to:

  • Companies undergoing restructuring
  • Companies in turnaround, in or out of bankruptcy
  • Healthy companies needing to improve cash flow (or looking to monetize non-core or core assets)
  • Asset-based and traditional mortgage lenders
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Traditional real estate investors searching for capital or considering a property sale

Our combined services structure enables you to consolidate all your requirements with one resource. This versatility not only saves time and expense, it provides more options to achieve a satisfactory (and profitable) outcome.